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Since 2005 OFCOM the UK media regulator has been issuing licenses to independent community organisations to run radio stations on FM. This has been very successful with some 400 plus licensed stations operating throughout the UK. There are also many-many stations that solely broadcast to the world on the internet which is where most stations start such as ours.

If you would like to know more about the Community Radio concept then take a look at these websites:

In Peterborough there has been several different organisations that were running Internet stations, well know ones were Radio Peterborough, Peterborough FM, Peterborough Youth Radio, Salaam Radio and Star Radio. Some of these stations would also popup on FM from time to time using a ‘Restricted Service Licence’ which allowed them to broadcast for 4 weeks every 6 months.

In 2015 OFCOM invited application from the Peterborough area to run one of two full time stations on two different frequencies. A number of the stations applied, and the frequencies were awarded to Salam Radio and PeterborougFM.

Unfortunately, PeterboroughFM found themselves with significant financial problems so in order to save the licence and share resources in April 2015 they decided to merge with Radio Peterborough and Peterborough Youth Radio to form Peterborough Community Radio.

Based at the Herlington Centre in the old Radio Peterborough studios in Orton Malborne Peterborough, our new full-time station started broadcasting May 2017 on 103.2 Mhz FM.

The studios are fully equipped with the latest technology and aim at providing a professional local community radio service across the city of Peterborough. PCR is a ‘not for profit’ enterprise, and everyone who works for the station does so on a totally voluntary basis.


From 2015-2017 Peterborough Community Radio also provided the young people radio project that is supported by BBC Children in Need. Focusing on providing a training programme for young people to learn skills in radio production. This gave them the opportunity to have their voices heard and to develop their self-confidence, team working and ICT skills.

We run two services from the Herlington studios, PCRFM which broadcasts from a transmitter in the city centre on 103.2 FM, and PCRextra which is an Internet only service.

PCRFM is a music-based station with a full schedule of local presenters, community-based topics, local news, what’s going on around the city and interviews with local organisation. We often get involved with local events and sometimes broadcast live from them. There is great enforces on encouraging and supporting local music artists with two dedicated weekly shows with live music in the studios.

PCRextra has a number of specialist music genre shows and often broadcasts from events that are on around the city. It’s also the place you will find our up and coming radio stars of the future.

PCRFM transmits with 50 watts vertical and horizontal plan signal on 103.2Mhz FM for about 10km radius of the city, if you live beyond the range of our transmitter you can always listen via the Internet, just click the listen live button at the top of the website. You can also listen via a phone or tablet, just download the ‘tunein’ app and search for Peterborough community radio FM. You can even play us on your smart speaker, just say ‘Play PCRFM’ or ‘Play Peterborough Community Radio Extra

We hope to be involved with the lunching on Small Scale DAB service within the next couple of years.

If you would like to get involved with Peterborough Community Radio then please visit our Volunteer page to see how.

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