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All aboard for a great reading experience on school’s library bus

Baston village school pupils have a new library bus with the help of a grant from South Kesteven District Council.

A double decker bus donated to Baston Primary School by coach company Stagecoach has been transformed into bright, interesting and accessible library space by the school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA), helped by a £2,000 Community Fund grant.

Cllr Robewrt Reid with pupils at Baston primary.

The £28,500 project provides extra space to encourage children to read and allows the school to develop links with local elderly people and pre-school children in community reading projects, explained Emma Bush, chair of the PTA.

She said: “We are extremely grateful for the grant from the council. We were restricted on space before, and now have a great new facility with bespoke bookcases, desk tops and a reading pod. We are indebted not only to Stagecoach for the bus and but also to local companies for financial donations, materials and time.”

Cllr Robert Reid attended the formal opening of the bus on July 5 along with all donors.

School head Rebecca Mills said: “When we talked about a new library, our children made it very clear that they wanted something interesting, where they would fall in love with reading. We are so very lucky that this is exactly what we have got.”

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