Beyonce and Emmeline Pankhurst – who links them?

Beyonce and Emmeline Pankhurst – who links them?

How do seven boundary-breaking women connect the suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst to Beyonce?

Play the quiz to find out.

Can you get from Emmeline Pankhurst to Beyonce in eight moves?

Compete against the clock – you have 8 seconds for each question) not found.

Emmeline Pankhurst inspired which women's rights activist?

Susan B. Anthony was called a "champion of her sex" by…?

From Nellie Bly to…?

Amelia Earhart used to go flying with…?

Eleanor Roosevelt was photographed by…?

Molly Malone Cook was in a relationship with…?

Lorraine Hansberry was immortalised in song by…?

And from Nina Simone to Beyonce! But can you guess the link?

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