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Budding Peterborough playwrights put work on stage

Theatrical students at Ken Stimpson Community School in Werrington, Peterborough, have seen their latest work take to the stage.

Students worked in small groups on a ‘Page to Stage’ Programme with Eastern Angles theatre company – a series of workshops where they were taught the craft of playwriting, through scriptwriting, devising, and improvising.

The scripts were handed back to Eastern Angles, rehearsed and developed with a professional director, and a professional company of actors.

And last week their work was performed at The Undercroft theatre space at Serpentine Green.

“Working with Ken Stimpson Community School in my role as Artistic Associate at Eastern Angles has been fantastic,” said Scott Huran .

“It is part of my mission here at Eastern Angles to aim to find ways to connect the professional theatre world and the classroom, and to completely blur those boundaries. This has been a really important project in achieving that goal. I have been sharing skills with the students in how to create plays that go beyond pen to paper.”

The final performances consisted of plays about fast speed criminal car chases, a hot dog vendor on a rampage to steal customers from his rivals, and a romance story on a cruise ship that is slowly sinking.

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