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Yes. PCR, as the local radio station for Peterborough, recognises that the city’s businesses need support at the

moment and we’re doing our bit to try to help.

 Who will write the script?

You’re welcome to send a draft outline which our team will rewrite in a radio friendly way, or just send us the

points you want to get across and we’ll write it for you. Space is limited and scripts must be approved by

Peterborough Community Radio Limited whose decision on what is broadcast is final.


 Who can I say in my message?

You may want to thank your customers for their patience and loyalty and assure them you’re still in business and

champing at the bit to reopen your doors when it’s safe to do so. You may want to let them know how you’re still

serving them during the current difficulties or to inform them about alternative services you are offering i.e.

online, delivery, emergency arrangements observing social distance etc. Please bear in mind it’s an information

message to update your customers in light of the current crisis situation, not a commercial. Paid for commercial

spots and programme sponsorships are still available.

 What is the duration of the announcement?

Twenty seconds ‐ that’s roughly 50 words, so keep your message succinct and remember less is more i.e. people

will more easily remember shorter chunks of information.

 What if my business circumstances change?

Please let us know in writing (by email is fine) if you want us to stop broadcasting your message or if you want to

record a new one. We would expect to be able to remove them from the schedule within 48 hours of your request,

but do please remember the radio station is run by volunteers giving their time when they can and access to our

Herlington Centre studio is limited at the moment.

 Who will read my script on air?

We would love it if you put your own voice to the script to make your message as personal as possible ‐ don’t

worry, we’ll walk you through. If you’re unable to do so, one of the radio station volunteers will record it for you.

 How often will my message be broadcast?

Probably around five times a day but this will vary depending on demand.

 When will the free broadcasts end?

We plan to offer the service until June 30, 2020 or earlier if the lockdown is lifted before then. We will consider

extending beyond June 30 depending on circumstances at the time.

 For your safety and ours…

Social distancing is being observed by everyone involved at PCR. Participation in the ‘keep in touch’ campaign will

be arranged by telephone and email and recordings will also be made remotely. There will be no need to meet in

person to get your message on the air.

Email brief details to:

Please also include a telephone number.

PCR 103.2, supporting Peterborough’s business community.


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