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Charity cake and coffee morning in Peterborough to help tackle rare condition

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A charity cake and coffee morning is being held in Peterborough today (Saturday) to help tackle a rare condition.

Teenager Hannah Thompson, who has fundraised for a number of good causes, is hosting the event at 33 Foster Road in Sugar Way (PE2 9RS) from 10am to 4pm.

Money raised will go towards Cavernoma Alliance UK – a cavernoma is made up of abnormal blood vessels and can be found in the brain and/or spinal cord.

They are often diagnosed after a person has experienced symptoms which can include:

. haemorrhages

. seizures

. headaches

. neurological deficits such as dizziness, slurred speech, double vision and tremors

. weakness, numbness, tiredness, memory and concentration difficulties.

Tea/coffee and cake will be £1.50 at the event, while cake, cookies, hot drinks and squash will all be sold separately.

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