House of Fun

Join Matt and Pete for a unique Saturday morning experience. Packed with quick-fire features plus a hand-picked playlist you won’t hear elsewhere, it’s event radio at its best.

Amongst the nonsense: –

House of Pun – Your chance to join in with another round of stupid wordplay.

Waking Up The Teenagers – Put that radio by the bedroom door, turn it up to 11 and let the boys handle the rest.

Truth or Tosh – Matt is given some very unusual facts. Are they genuine or has Pete just dreamt them up?

Previously – A quick recap for the latecomer of some snippets which may not have happened in the 1st hour of the show, including the regular demise of the show’s chicken.

The Cheese Board – A chance to indulge with a song you won’t admit to liking, but secretly, you’re word perfect.

Robo-Jock – A chat with the station’s very own automated playout system. He doesn’t like the boys very much.

Fictoids – Little nuggets of barely believable information, including things you never knew about the actor, Benedict Cumberbatch.

So that’s House of Fun. A triumph of enthusiasm over competence.

“I laughed out loud at least 8 times in 5 minutes. When I listened to this, I thought of Tiswas, Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In, Saturday Night Live, Monty Python, Ripping Yarns. Very Entertaining.”
“Brilliant fun, loads of features, slick presentation. Top notch!” – 2018 Community Radio Awards

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