News Daily: Hurricane Michael nears Florida, and global economy warning

News Daily: Hurricane Michael nears Florida, and global economy warning

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Hurricane Michael upgraded to category 4 storm

It's reached wind speeds of 130mph (201km/h) and is due to make landfall in Florida around midday. Hurricane Michael has prompted officials to order 370,000 people to leave their homes and has reportedly killed 13 people in Central America.

"Let me be clear – the storm surge that our coastal counties are facing is deadly," Florida Governor Rick Scott has tweeted. Florida, Alabama and Georgia have declared a state of emergency. Forecasters in Alabama are warning of possible tornados.

Here's a guide to surviving monster storms. And BBC Reality Check looks at whether hurricanes are getting worse.

'Clouds appear on the horizon': Is global economy under threat?

It's a decade since the financial crash and the question remains: could it happen again? A report from the International Monetary Fund warns of "dangerous undercurrents" to the world economy, including trade wars, a possibly disorderly Brexit and the risk of complacency by banks. It urges the Bank of England to be ready to provide more quantitative easing – money printing – if it is required, as happened during the crash.

But banks, the IMF says, are far safer than they were back in 2008. However, the boss of RBS says it could take another 10 years to restore its reputation., following its taxpayer-funded bailout.

Young people 'turning backs on alcohol'

Almost a third of 16 to 24-year-olds don't drink alcohol these days, according to the Health Survey for England. It says abstinence is becoming "more mainstream". For people who still partake, we look at whether giving up the booze for a month does any good.

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Minister appointed to reduce suicides

London is hosting a world mental health summit and, as the event gets under way, Theresa May has announced the appointment in England of a minister for preventing suicide. Jackie Doyle-Price will work to reduce stigma around the subject and, the prime minister said, "prevent the tragedy of suicide taking too many lives". Although suicide rates are falling, 4,500 people take their own lives every year.

Mrs May also pledged £1.8m to the Samaritans, so the charity can keep running its free helpline for the next four years. Here's how different countries deal with suicide.

'I didn't realise what happened to me was rape'

by writer who wishes to retain anonymity

We started dancing together. He offered me a drink. Later, I woke up lying in the grass. The bass from the party thudded faintly through the ground. I was reassured that I hadn't gone too far. It was cold, the ground was damp with dew. There was someone on top of me, he was trying to force himself inside me, but my body had frozen.

I realised that it was not a dream. I saw who it was. The shock hit me: how could it be him? I knew him, everyone knew him.

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What the papers say

The Daily Mail leads on news that pupils are to get regular mental health checks, while the Times focuses on a third of young people no longer drinking any alcohol. The Daily Express reports that 3.4 million young adults are "stuck" in their family homes because of high property prices. Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph looks at the decision by the Royal College of Psychiatrists to review its opposition to the legalisation of cannabis. And the Daily Mirror says homeless people in Windsor have been told to move themselves and their belongings ahead of Princess Eugenie's wedding on Friday.

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