News Daily: Labour in new anti-Semitism row and Iranians try to impede British tanker

News Daily: Labour in new anti-Semitism row and Iranians try to impede British tanker

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Labour in new anti-Semitism row

Last night's BBC Panorama programme spoke to eight former Labour officials about how the party dealt with anti-Semitism complaints. Seven worked in the Complaints and Disputes Department; four chose to speak publicly despite signing non-disclosure agreements. They allege that Jeremy Corbyn's leadership team interfered in disciplinary processes – despite the disputes team supposedly being independent.

Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson said he was "shocked, chilled and appalled" by the allegations. Labour's Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said the programme "broke his heart". But the party insisted there was no interference. It said "disaffected former officials" with "personal and political axes to grind" had "always opposed Jeremy Corbyn's leadership [and] worked to actively undermine it".

Watch the full Panorama programme here, and read the background to the Labour anti-Semitism row here.

Iranians try to impede British oil tanker

Iranian boats tried to impede a British oil tanker near the Gulf – before being driven off by a Royal Navy ship. HMS Montrose had to position itself between the three boats and the tanker British Heritage before issuing verbal warnings to the Iranian vessels, which then turned away, the government said. Iran has been threatening to retaliate for the seizure of one of its tankers near Gibraltar last week.

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Man survives Niagara Falls plunge

A man has survived after falling roughly 188ft (57 metres) over Niagara Falls into the river below. The man was seen climbing over a wall before falling, police said on Twitter. After searching beneath the falls, officers found the man "sitting on rocks" with non-life threatening injuries. It's thought higher-than-normal water levels may have saved him.

Is Labour doing 'everything it can'?

By BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg

From early in his leadership, allegations of anti-Semitism in Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party grew.

From early in his leadership he promised he would do everything to stamp it out.

But from early in his leadership, he faced accusations of not taking the problem seriously enough.

All of this in a culture of suspicion between different factions in the Labour Party, and very deep hostility.

But the testimony Panorama revealed – and the leaked emails they obtained – paint a picture that contrasts with the leadership's claims that they are doing as much as they can.

Read more from Laura here.

What the papers say

Sir Kim Darroch's resignation as the UK's ambassador to the US – after his criticism of President Trump's administration was leaked – dominates the front pages. The Mirror blames Boris Johnson, calling him "the man with no shame". That's a view shared by The Guardian, which says Mr Johnson has no "concept of loyalty" – and has diminished the office of prime minister before reaching it. See all the front pages here.

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