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Peterborough by-election: The historic campaign in photos

It’s been a remarkable month in Peterborough with the city becoming a hotbed of political activity once a by-election was called.

Former MP Fiona Onasanya was recalled by her constituents after being jailed for perverting the course of justice which led to a five week campaign, followed by the election of Labour’s Lisa Forbes. Here is the story of the by-election campaign as captured by the Peterborough Telegraph in photos.

1. The Peterborough by-election

The Recall Petition for Fiona Onasanya

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2. The Peterborough by-election

The notice of the Recall Petition being pinned outside the Town Hall

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3. The Peterborough by-election

Patrick O'Flynn (SDP) held a press conference shortly after the by-election was called


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4. The Peterborough by-election

A Brexit Party rally at the KingsGate Conference Centre

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