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Peterborough’s heritage celebrated at art exhibition

Following the successful exhibition at the Norman Cross Gallery in September and October 2018, Tony Nero’s exciting Heritage Places and Spaces drawings are now being shown in an exhibition at the Peterborough Museum (until March 24).

The drawings are a collection of works featuring some of the best known heritage sites and buildings in Peterborough – from the Norman Cross site of the first prisoner of war camp during the Napoleonic War, to the Gates Memorial in Bishop’s Road Gardens.

“There are a lot of places in our city that not only mean a lot to our community but also mean a lot to many individuals,” said city artist Tony.

“We take a lot of these places for granted, but there’s so much to see and learn all around us. It’s always refreshing as an artist, going back to your roots of drawing as a medium, but as well as being exciting to produce these pieces, it’s also been a challenge trying hard not to use paint or colour. The body of work was produced in pencils, charcoal and pastels but some of the pieces I felt lend itself to a dash of colour.

“This was achieved by using pastel and slightly coloured paper. Amazing what you learn also when observing these buildings and sites. It’s also fascinating to hear some of the stories from visitors who have strong connection to some of the buildings.

“I’m really excited about the exhibition being in the Museum, in such a prestigious building. The Museum Café with it’s high windows and stunning light, makes a perfect place for visitors to relax with a slice of cake, a cuppa and enjoy the art…it’s almost like being in your own front room.”

This exhibition consists of 10 pieces, although Tony plans to add to it in the months ahead. There are also postcards now available.

To find out more about Tony Nero and his work you can follow artoftonynero on twitter and facebook or visit his website. www.artoftonynero.com.

You will also find pieces of work from Tony in the That’s Life exhibition at the Norman Cross Gallery until February 9.

It features some stunning work from a number of artists with a variety of styles – abstracts, figurative, portraits and landscapes.

Tony, who is no stranger to the gallery and is currently artist in residence, showcases a few pieces of his Legends portrait drawings, which were first featured in his solo exhibition ‘This is Me’ in 2017.

Ian Simm, who had a serious stroke in 2009, which left him unable to use his right hand, has taught himself to paint, and has returned to the gallery with a selection of oil paintings.

Professional artist Darren Stevenson’s inimitable style and passion for Norfolk in his paintings of seascapes, capture the imagination of the observer in his technique expressed with powerful emotion.

Wallace & Gromit

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Margie Nottingham, who worked as a teacher for 18 years but left teaching to develop her art practice, is also featured. She uses a gestural abstraction style and pushes boundaries as she explores what she can see and feel in an abstract creative way.

David Lewis has worked as an animator and a teacher in the past, and now works in various 2-D media including hand-made drawings on the iPad. He draws mainly from observation even when the final outcome is completely abstract. Finally there are two impressive ink and wash portraits from former Stamford student Flossie Lockwood.

For more go to www.normancrossgallery.com

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