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Second Peterborough bus caught driving through red light on the same day

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A second Peterborough bus was caught on dash cam driving through a red light on the same day.

The Peterborough Telegraph showed dramatic footage last Friday of a bus on the 62 service which had overtaken a car at red lights earlier in the day.

The bus going through the red light. Photo: Richard Farr

The bus overtook the Renault Laguna belonging to John Burfoot as it was stopped at temporary traffic lights outside All Saints Church Paston in Fulbridge Road, heading towards Werrington, at just after noon.

Stagecoach said the driver would be subject to disciplinary processes, following an investigation..

After the publication of the article Richard Farr has been in contact with dash cam footage from the same day in Oxney Road, at 4.10pm.

The video shows a bus on the 4 service from Stagecoach following cars in going through a red light.

The temporary traffic lights had been red for a good few seconds before the bus drove past. Shortly afterwards a car turns right onto Oxney Road, crossing the road at the same spot where the bus had been moments earlier.

Mr Farr said Stagecoach needs to "urgently" raise the standard of driving among its drivers.

He added: "It makes me angry and sad that so many people do not care about basic Highway Code rules. With dash cams on a lot of cars it’s easy to catch offenders nowadays, but they still seem to flout the rules. It shows an ignorance to authority.

"It seems to be modern drivers have this urge to get there a few seconds quicker and take risks. It’s a wider issue with drivers in the city and I think a huge crackdown is needed.

"You have: broken cars, faulty lights at night, speeding, bad driving in general – and when do you see the police? Rarely!"

A Stagecoach East spokesperson said: “We will investigate this situation further and take appropriate action. All drivers are expected to stop at a red light, even when the traffic lights are temporary.”


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