Smaller car park but new petrol station planned for Peterborough Asda

Peterborough may soon have a new city centre petrol station as Asda has applied to build one at its superstore off Bourges Boulevard.

A planning application has gone in to Peterborough City Council to create a new filling station on Viersen Platz.

How the proposed Asda filling station will look

The new station will feature four pump islands providing eight filling stations, but will see the size of Asda’s current car park reduced from 433 spaces to 390 spaces.

The store says a parking survey has shown that at its peak times only 303 spaces were occupied, so capacity will not be an issue.

The proposed filling station will also provide an area for air and water as well as a kiosk and sandwiches, snacks and drinks.

The site plan for the new filling station, which will sit opposite Majestic Wine

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