The post-holiday, Happy New Year, Brexit’s back quiz

The post-holiday, Happy New Year, Brexit's back quiz

One week into 2019 and Brexit is back in the news but can you remember what happened last year? Take our quiz to get up to speed.

Play this quiz and we guarantee* you'll win all the Brexit arguments with your family this Christmas.

(*Not actually guaranteed)

The EU’s lead negotiator has been a major player in Brexit this year, but can you name him?

Someone else who has become a recognisable public figure this year is Jacob Rees-Mogg MP. What happened in January that increased his profile?

In February the EU published the first draft of the withdrawal agreement containing its proposals for the Northern Ireland border. Option C becomes known as “the backstop” – but who coined the phrase “backstop”?

The People’s Vote campaign was launched in April. But which superhero actor spoke at the launch?

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