Saturday with Keith & Clare

Peterborough’s popular radio duo have been broadcasting together for 20 years and have been a regular feature on Saturday mornings with their on air banter and occasional disagreements. Both originate from the City and have many local interests and connections.

Keith Dalton has many years in Radio and spent 14 years on the Lunchtime and Breakfast slots on the successful local station Lite FM. He and his wife were voted Peterborough’s most Romantic Couple in a local newspaper. Keith also writes the Live Music column for the popular local monthly ESP magazine.

Claire Tod and her husband are Thorpe Hall Babies from the days when it was a Maternity Unit. She now works as a Partnership Manager with a well-known local company and has managed the main Waterstones bookshop in the City Centre.

The couple bring you quizzes including The Odd One Out, the weekend Gig guide and guests from the local entertainment scene. They also like to celebrate what’s good in the news about our city.

Always keen to discuss local issues, you can always guarantee some surprise moments and fun if you join Saturday with Keith & Claire between 10 and 1 on Saturday mornings on PCR FM 103.2.

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