Bob Elliot’s 70s Show

I started my career in radio many many moons ago working for various British forces radio stations whilst serving in the RAF. They trained me in almost every aspect of radio broadcasting including how to run a disco in place of having to go to work! On leaving the RAF I joined various hospital radio stations up and down the country from Barrow in Furness to Bedford via Farnborough and Weston-Super-Mare among others whilst being moved around with my new job.
While working in Bristol I joined a Radio group who were bidding for a local radio licence in Weston-Super-Mare which was great fun and incredibly educational before finally being posted with work to the Peterborough area where I have been for the last 24 years.
Music has been a great passion of mine since falling in love with the pirate stations way back in the mists of time. When I’m not playing music, I love traveling and exploring, mostly nice warm places and also building and programming computers.

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Bob Elliot's 70s Show