House of Fun Breakfast with Matt & Pete

Kickstarting your Saturday from 7-10am by joining Matt and Pete for a unique Saturday morning experience. Packed with award nominated quick-fire features plus a hand-picked playlist you won’t hear elsewhere, it’s event radio at its best. Amongst the nonsense:

  • Things I Can’t Understand – The boys try to make sense of the complexities of life.
  • Truth or Tosh – Matt is given some very unusual facts. Are they genuine or has Pete just dreamt them up?
  • Previously – A quick recap for the latecomer of some snippets which may not have happened in the 1st hour of the show, including the regular demise of the show’s chicken.
  • Fictoids – Little nuggets of barely believable information, including things you never knew about the actor, Benedict Cumberbatch.
  • Robo-Jock – A chat with the station’s very own automated playout system. He doesn’t like the boys very much.
  • Wake Up the Teenager – If your teenager is still in bed then we will wake them up for you, just put your radio next to their door and turn the volume right up!

We will also have a monthly competition for a well deserving person to win a night out at the pictures including popcorn and a drink, all sponsored by Showcase Cinema De-Lux Peterborough.

So that’s House of Fun. It’s entertainment Jim, but not as we know it. We are delighted that House of Fun was shortlisted for ‘Entertainment Show of the Year’ at the Community Radio Awards 2019. Here’s what the judges said:

“Laugh out loud stuff. You can tell there is quality comedy writing here.”

“Very humorous entry, good vibe between the presenters, well put together.”

“I would listen to more of these guys…”

“There’s clearly a lot of hard work goes into making this show. This comes across in a very natural style, with many laugh out loud moments. It’s bizarre and out there…in a good way.

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House of Fun with Matt & Pete