Drivetime with Mikey Faulkner – Friday

It’s such an honour to broadcast to listeners in my home town. I grew up listening to Hereward FM, and that gave me a dream to be one of those voices coming through the speakers, when Lite FM launched I grabbed that chance to live my dream. I also got to present on Hereward FM back in the day working alongside Kev Lawrence on both stations. I left the city to follow my career and found myself back home a few years ago on the rebranded Connect FM hosting the city’s drive time show where we took the audience to the highest it has ever reached just before it sadly rebranded once again. And now I am back once again alongside Kev, Keith & Claire, & Wayne to name but a few in the city where it all began and our mission is to bring back local radio for Peterborough and help to continue that mission on 103.2fm everyday across the city. Catch me weekday from 4pm where we can play the music we love, and talk about the city we love..

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